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The new GotBrief

Hi everyone, @TEDavis here with a short post on the future of GotBrief.

The first GotBrief was great in the beginning, plenty of people signed up and responded to the weekly brief. To see work that had been created based on a single word was wonderful to see.

As time went on the numbers slipped a bit, I was just starting out as a freelancer back then and as such didn't really have the time to invest in building the community further.

What's the plan then?

Well, my current plan is to run GotBrief predominantely through Twitter (@GotBrief)

  1. 1. Each brief is published on Twitter.
  2. 2. You lovely creative lot tweet your submissions with the hashtag #GotBrief
  3. 3. We'd then collate the submissions and publish them here on GotBrief.com

That's the rough outline at this stage! Will it work? Who knows. My main goal hasn't changed, I just want to help people be a bit more creative.

Have any suggestions/ideas for the new GotBrief? Let me know via Twitter, either @GotBrief or @TEDavis.

Thanks for reading.